Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948

Support in obtaining registration of an establishment / factory under the Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948, amended as on date.

  • Facility of online Registration of the employees for benefits under the ESI.
  • Provide online data entry of the employees & Insured persons.
  • Linking of Aadhar with ESI Registration.
  • Uploading Monthly contributions
  • Making Online Remittance
  • Support in drafting of the replies to the correspondence and keeping Liaison with ESI Department.
  • Provide complete guidance with regard to any amendment/changes which take place in the Act.

Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952

Our company provides services of professional expert in maintenance, preparation and submission of following Records/Returns etc. as per the requirement under EPF & MP Act, 1952.

  • Preparation of document required for registration of an establishment / factory under the Employees' Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act. 1952 and procuring Code Number.
  • Uploading monthly contribution details
  • Making Monthly Remittance.
  • Preparation of Register of Eligibility of the employees.
  • Completion of Return of Ownership in Form No. 5A.
  • Preparation of declaration by the employees at the time of joining the company in Form No. 11(Revised).
  • Support in preparing and completion of the documents required for PF withdrawal in Forms (19, 10C/10D) and assist employees in having settled.
  • Provide support to the employees in completion of Form 13 for transfer of PF accumulation from one office to another
  • Provide complete support in drafting the replies of notices received from the P.F Department and Liaison with concerned Authority.
  • Provide support and assistance and attend PF Enforcement Officer for the purpose of inspection of records. Make appearance as an authorized representative of the company before the Authority concerned in the   event of the proceedings under section 7-A of the EPF and MP Act 1952.
  • Keep an eagle eye on the changes and amendments carried out in the Act and provide timely guidance and support to the customers from time to time.
  • Preparation of monthly PF remittance statement. With ECR File (Online PF Works)
  • Maintaining Form No.11
  • Maintenance of Inspection Book.
  • Processing of Form No.31.(PF Loan Forms)
  • Attending to PF related matters/inquiry at PF office.
  • Appearing for EPF Inspections
  • Maintenance of a database of all employees giving the details of their names, PF number, transfer/ withdrawal etc for future reference and also follow up.
  • Withdrawal till process is complete.

Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Act

  • Preparation of Wages Register in the prescribed format
  • Preparation Of Muster roll in the prescribed format
  • Preparation of Service Record in the prescribed format
  • Compliance with the Minimum Wage System
  • Uploading and maintenance of all documents in the WPS System
  • Registration and Remittance under Kerala shops and commercial establishments Kshemanidhi scheme
  • Registration and Renewal of Labour certificate timely

Professional Tax

  • Preparation  of half yearly professional tax statement

Payroll Services

  • Preparation of Salary Statement with all statutory deductions
  • Preparation of Salary Slips

HR Services

  • Preparing Advertisement
  • Shorlisting of Candidate
  • Informing Candidate regarding Interview
  • HR Interview

Compliance Audit

Our Compliance audit will deliver a coherent strategic analysis of your company. We help you to develop schemes to mitigate risk and liabilities and devise a lucid plan of action to enable a smooth run for your business. We help you compile a fair and accurate depiction of financial data by faultless inspection of book keeping, financial transactions and every shred of data available

  • Conducting Statutory Audits for Employers
  • Checking whether the salary is prepared according to the Rules
  • Checking the EPF/ESI Deductions
  • Checking the remittance details
  • Giving a detailed report to employer about the same

HR Trainings

Our excellent HR training services will enable corporates as well as students to comprehend statutory compliance and excel in it. The trainings we provide are assured to upskill and thereby positively impact your return of investment. Having skilled and informed workforce can only benefit the business. Our well-conceptualized and well-designed HR courses and training and courses will usher tangible results and adds value to your business.

  • Trainings to corporates on labor laws/ statutory compliance
  • Trainings to MBA and other students on statutory compliance
  • Trainings to HR aspirants on labor laws and statutory compliance
  • Trainings for MBA, HR and Finance students on payroll preparation and statutory compliance.